Shawnee Mission North Theatre

Thespian Troupe #413

Theatre Faculty & Support Staff

Mr. Ben Bartlett, Director: Fall Musical, Advanced Repertory Theatre(A.R.T.),  Spring Technical Director, Lip-Sync Contest, Winter Season Tickets, & Thespian Sponsor.  Mr. Bartlett has taught at SM North for twelve years.

Mr. Chris Palmer, Director: Winter Play, Repertory Theatre Teacher, Original One Acts, Fall Technical Director, Spring Season Tickets, Thespian Sponsor.  Mr. Palmer has taught at SM North for eight years.

Mrs. Sydney Kohart, Director: Spring Play, Fall Musical Choreographer, Winter Play, Winter Technical Director, Fall Season Tickets & Thespian Sponsor.  Mrs. Kohart has taught at SM North for two years. 

Mrs. Juli O'Mealey, SM North Choral Director.

Ms. Anna Cook, SM North Orchestra Director.

Mrs. Emily Bartlett, is our Thespian Banquet Photographer  She will also be co-directing Scenes form Shakespeare in the Spring season.

Mr. Dan Balsinger, Artist-in-Residence, Sound

Theatre Teachers

Chris Palmer, Sydney Kohart, Ben Bartlett