Shawnee Mission North Theatre

Thespian Troupe #413

Thespian Executive Board
2018 -2019

President: Lily Barnard

Vice President: Marcus Merritt

Secretary: Merissa Caravello

Treasurer: Grace Laughton

Publicist: Sami Aceto

On/Off Campus Relations: Zane Irwin

Banquet Coordinator: Bryanna Conde

Historian: Erica Torrez

Thespian Executive Board is a nine member student governing board for the theatre department.  These leaders plan all fund raisers, decide on how funds will be allocated, plan and host the awards banquet in the spring, and decide on policy for the troupe and for the productions.  They are prepared to assist you in any way concerning your theatre involvement.



Named after the first actor in Ancient Greece, Thespis, The International Thesipan Society is an organization honoring outstanding theatre students.

     In order to be a Thespian, one must earn a total of twenty Thespian points.  Points are earned by performing in plays and doing tech work.  A minimum of five tech. points is required to be considered for Thespians.  One technical point is equivalent to ten hours of quality work for the department. Acting points are given based upon role received, length of rehearsal time, and quality of work.  New members will be initiated and awards will be given at the Honors and Awards Banquet at the ened of the school year in May each year.  North’s Thespian Troupe 413 is 70 years old and is one of the strongest troupes in nation.  In the past, SM North was selected as the State of Kansas Outstanding School Troupe, and in 1992, received the Outstanding School Award from the Educational Theatre Association and the International Thespian Society.  In 1993, The American Alliance for Theatre in Education presented North with the F. Loren Winship Award for Outstanding Contribution to secondary School Theatre. North remains the only high school in the nation to receive this coveted award.  Past recipients include The International Thespian Society and Katherine Ommanney, the author of the drama textbook, “Stage and School.”  North Thespians have been the subject of numerous television broadcasts on Channels 4, 5, and 9.  In 1998, North’s Theatre program received the Governors Special Merit Award and was selected one of Stage Directions Magazine’s “Top Ten Theatres That Make a Difference.”  North was the only high school selected.

     All North Thespians are eligible to attend the International Thespian Convention in during the last week of June.  The convention runs for a week  and includes many productions and workshops as well as the opportunity to audition for college/university scholarships and International Thespian scholarship. 

     To earn money for the convention, theatre workshops, equipment, production needs, and banquet, North Thespians hold numerous fundraisers including car washes, candy and pop sales, cookie dough sales.

     Get involved and earn some Thespian Points!



*Thespian Membership Requirments

    1. Earn twenty Thespian points (two hundred hours).

    2. Five points must be earned for tecnical crew work.



Thespian Troupe #413



David Beckley

Jess Bogan

Mykia Carrell

Kennedy Carter

Amanda Enyart

Zoie Hill

Sydney Jordan

Forest Kinsey

Erin Klehm

Clement Lee

Danny Lubratovic

Matt Mahr

Elena March

Kealie O'Brien

Rachel Panjada

Hannah Patterson

Jon Patton

Marlena Pierce

Jared Rogers

Michael Schley

Jon-Michael Smith

Fuad Turkmani

Chelsea Turner

Alex Vondereschmidt



Alex Coddington

Grant Cole

Chelle Ferm

Corey Goodburn

Noah Hastings

Marrissa Horine

Kori Martiny

Dolan McNabb

Gressi Lopez


Alex Leslie

Taylor Morrison

Eli Peach

Thespian Banquet

Top Awards



Johnson Technical Award

(Most tech points over four years)

Andrew Nevins


Cochran Acting Award

(Most acting points over four years)

Darby Huddleston

Erica Nickolett


McClatchey Honor Thespian

(Most cumulative points over four years)

Addison Leitch


Supportive Parents Award

Mr. & Mrs. Mayerle


Supportive Faculty

Juli O'Mealey


Honorary Thespians

Cori Hastings

Top Ten Outstanding Thespians

(These students earned the most points in 2012-2013)

1. Andrew Nevins (’14)

2. Addison Leitch (’14)

3. Kennedy Carter ('15) and Matt Mahr (’15)

4. Sydney Jordan ('15)

5. Cassie Needham ('14), Michael Schley ('15) and Jess Bogan ('15)

6. Grace Wicinski ('14)

7. Mykia Carrell (’15)

8. Alex Coddington (’16)

9. Erin Klehm ('15), Max Mayerle ('14) and Carina White ('14)

10. Chelsea Turner ('15)

 Starlight Theatre & Blue Cross/Blue Shield Blue Star Awards:







Outstanding Overall Production(third year in a row to receive this nomonation)


Outstanding Costume Design 


Rising Star Female - Christa Brown